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Welcome to eJobShop

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Your Software WWWorkforce!

Since 1998 our mission has been to provide high quality software design & development services.

Our specialty is executing software projects remotely through experienced Independent Contractors (both individuals and teams).

eJobShop Can:

  • Quickly locate hard-to-find software experts
  • Reduce your peak-load resource crunches
  • Specify & Implement your short-term Java or web project
  • Relieve your primary developers of less-critical jobs

We have two Goals:

  1. Provide customers with the broadest selection of expert resources for their specific projects, and use the best of these resources to complete projects in an efficient, personalized, and cost-effective manner.
    See Testimonials page for comments from customers,
    review a list of sample projects.

  2. Provide expert independent software developers with opportunities for part-time web-based work through a no-hassle, personal, and professional process.
    See IC Testimonials page for comments from developers.

If you are in need of Java or web development services, please review our Services and Expertise pages, or go right to the Getting Started page to describe your project.

For a bit more detail, here are some brief (and redundant!) overviews of the various topics we can help with:
Custom Programming in Java
AJAX Developers and Development
Java Application Development
Java Applet Development
General Java Programming
General Java Consulting and General Java Services
Locating hard to find
Java Experts

If you are a Java Developer or Consulting Firm interested in part-time web-based work, please see the For Contractors page.

Contact Information:

eJobShop is based in Silicon Valley
(Los Altos, California)
Electronic Mail is best ( info @ )  or leave a voice message anytime at +1-877-699-6093.

                        World-Wide Java Services

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